Pros and Cons of Single Solitaire Diamond Ring

There are very few people who do not dream of owning a brilliant single solitaire diamond ring. This is one of the most classic diamond ring options, which will never go out of fashion. Note that buying solitaire diamond rings are not that simple; you must thoroughly inspect its pros and cons before jumping into a conclusion.


  • A single solitaire diamond ring will be the best bet if you plan to sell it later because of its decent resale market value. In addition, it is easier to certify and appraise solitaire diamond rings.
  • If you do not know the personal style and jewelry style of your fiancée, choosing a solitaire ring will be a safe option.
  • Solitaire rings are ideal to make your gemstone look bigger and more appealing.


  • Since a single diamond is the only center of attraction in a ring, solitaire rings will be really expensive.
  • You will not be able to pull off the look with smaller diamonds or even medium-sized diamonds. So, you may probably have to break your bank in order to afford one.
  • You cannot compromise on the color, clarity, and cut, when it comes to single solitaire diamond ring because even the microscopic flaws will be visible in a decent solitaire diamond ring.
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