An Overview of Princess Cut Diamonds

length-to-width ratio, making it a unique diamond shape. Princess cut diamonds rings are a great option for wearing during certain occasions like engagements, weddings, or social gatherings, as its sparkle and appearance can surely turn heads. The sparkle of a princess cut diamond is mainly due to its large table that allows more light to enter the stone.

When choosing a princess cut diamond engagement ring, it is worth knowing about its features to assist in the purchase. Compared to round diamonds, princess cut diamonds are very much inexpensive and can get more because of less wastage during the shaping and finishing the diamond. The 58 facets of a typical princess cut diamond are also available in other variations that can increase the sparkle.

When purchasing a princess cut diamond for a ring, it is better to opt for the ideal cut grade having good symmetry. Ensuring these features will give a princess diamond with an added sparkle that can stay visible in any kind of ring setting. Besides, it is also important to consider the 4 C’s of diamond quality such as cut grade, clarity grade, color grade, and carat weight when purchasing princess cut diamond for a ring.

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