Priceless Tips for Purchasing Low Priced Diamond Rings

Priceless Tips for Purchasing Low Priced Diamond Rings

There are some brilliant tips in order to achieve this objective and some of those guidelines that you must consider for purchasing low priced diamond rings are given below.




Consider Halo

The carat size of a diamond is one of the main things that add to the cost of your ring. Hence, it will be ideal to consider a halo diamond ring rather than a solitaire ring. This way, you can create the appeal of a huge solitaire ring that offers the best shine at an affordable price.

Choose Step Cut Diamonds

Step cut diamonds are those that boast flat rectangular facets such as Asscher cuts, emerald cut, baguette cut, etc. This type of cut is perfect to emphasize the clarity of your stone over its brilliance. Therefore, the visibility of inclusions and flaws in such diamonds will be minimal, and hence, this is one of the best ways to purchase affordable diamond rings.


Go for Fancy Shapes

Most people have a misconception that fancy shaped diamonds are expensive. Yet in fact, the round shaped diamonds are more expensive when compared to diamond shapes such as emerald, marquise, princess, cushion, etc. Besides, fancy diamond shapes usually make the diamond appear larger.

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