Popular Three Stone Engagement Ring Designs

Popular Three Stone Engagement Ring Designs

Just like cars, the model of the diamond ring will depend a lot on your individual preferences.

The three diamonds in the ring can be symbolic of three different timelines in a relationship – past, present, and future. While solitaire or single stone diamond engagement rings are traditionally popular, those with three stone settings are gaining more and more fame these days too.

One of the popular diamond ring three stone designs is the trellis setting, which comprises interweaving claws that hold the gemstones securely in place. The classic three stone prong design can be personalized to fit in with virtually any combination of gemstone sizes. There are similar designs to that too, such as a three stone claw ring set under a halo gallery.

Another classic three stone ring is one with pear-shaped or teardrop accent stones. It looks stunning when a centerpiece diamond is surrounded by pear- accents. So when somebody tells you to buy a three stone diamond ring, you will need to have a good idea of its design.

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