Popular Styles of Men’s Wedding Bands

Below, we have compiled a breakdown of the most popular diamond ring choices, such as the 4-carat diamond wedding ring, so that it will be easier for you when the time comes to choose.



Traditional Band

The traditional take on men’s wedding bands have no diamonds on it whatsoever, or engravings either. Generally, such bands are made of platinum or gold. In gold, the traditional choice is yellow gold, although there are men that prefer the way white gold looks on their fingers. Rose gold is also available nowadays in plain wedding bands, in the 14k and 18k varieties of metal.

Diamond-Studded Band

It is not uncommon now for men’s rings to have diamonds on them. There is a wide range of styles beginning from the single diamond rings to channel set diamond bands, which ensures that men can get an equal variety of choices as women when it comes to their rings.


Contemporary Rings

For men that prefer a certain flair to their wedding ring, options with contemporary design are available. These days, you can get anything from mannish braids to multiple metal tones, letting every man state his personal style.

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