Popular Engagement Ring Setting Options

Popular Engagement Ring Setting Options

It creates the backdrop for the diamond, so it is important to select a setting that is right for you. Below are two popular diamond ring settings you can choose from.




Prong Setting

Prong or ring setting creates a sophisticated and classic engagement ring. It is when small metal prongs or claws hold the ring’s diamond in place. These metal claws can be flat, round, V-shaped, or pointed. They can either be high-set, elevating the gemstone to set it apart from the ring band or low-set, placing the gem nearer to the band.

Most types of these settings have anywhere amid four to eight claws. It is ideal for making the gem stand out as the ring’s focal point.

Halo Setting

A diamond ring halo means that the center stone is surrounded by a row of smaller gemstones. This setting can add a heightened sense of flair and luxury to it. It is also an ideal way to make the smaller center stones appear bigger as well as to add extra shine to the diamond ring. Using colored gems for the halo setting can make a striking color contrast also.

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