Popular Engagement Ring Choices for Those Born in April

Besides being symbolic of timeless love, ancient folklore used to believe that diamonds have healing properties and that its possession can boost one’s mental health. If any of those things fall into place, then consider yourself lucky to make a sparkling proposal.

Generally, most women born in April anticipate diamond ring with birthstones to be gifted during the proposal. That expectation is owing to the horoscope and symbolism of the rare gem.

Another birthstone that is considered to be lucky for April born women is sapphire, which is the second hardest known substance on Earth after diamonds. If you can get your hands on one of the blue sapphire rings with diamond accents, it might just be the perfect chance to make the proposal. Even if you did not give much preference to horoscopy or star signs, a blue sapphire diamond ring will make a perfect gift with its unmatched charm and elegance.

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