Platinum Rings are Not Imperishable

A yellow diamond platinum ring can be just as easily damaged as a diamond-set yellow gold ring.




Pure, Not Imperishable                                                                                                         

Platinum being so highly prized is not much of a surprise once you understand how truly rare it is. The luster exhibits also remind one of silver; in fact, the word “platina” means “little silver” in Spanish. The metal has high corrosion resistance but is not invincible by any means. It does find use in industry, but hardness is not what they are looking for in those cases. Platinum happens to be just as malleable as gold and is mostly sold as a 90% alloy.

Platinum rings despite being inordinately heavy, can break quite easily. This means you should care closely for your platinum diamond ring regardless of how much it weighs when you put it on your finger. The lack of rhodium plating does not mean it is hard, but simply that it has a natural white shine.

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