Platinum Eternity Diamond Rings to Try Out

This is really crucial in case of diamond eternity rings, as it usually flaunts a number of gemstones. Fortunately, there are many platinum eternity diamond rings available in the jewelry stores and some of those designs are given below.

Classic Platinum Diamond Eternity Band

This is the most predictable, but stylish and elegant design for platinum eternity diamond rings. In this design, a platinum band of decent thickness is embellished with one or two layers or melee diamonds. This will be an ideal choice for all the couples who give priority to the sparkle of a ring.

Half Eternity Diamond Ring

In half eternity diamond ring, the gemstones will be paved only up to the half or the visible area. This is the best deal for people who are looking for an affordable option but cannot compromise on the sparkle of the ring. In a popular design, diamonds of various shapes are encrusted up to the half of a platinum band using a prong setting.

Channel Eternity Ring

A platinum ring that flaunts baguette diamonds is a desirable option for people who are in awe of stylish designs for platinum eternity diamond rings. Here, a platinum band is beautified by channeling the band entirely using baguette accents.

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