A Look at the Weights of Wedding Rings

It can be one of heavyweight, medium weight and lightweight. The factors affecting how heavy a ring is are as follows:

Heavy Weight Rings

These rings are popular among men’s palladium rings, and suit large, wide fingers. With a chunky feel, they measure up to 2.1mm or more in thickness.

Medium Weight Rings

This is the most popular ring weight level. Rings of this type will be around 1.7mm thick. They let you balance weight and slimness of width when pairing with a standard engagement ring. Medium weight rings can be bought for almost any ring profile. Check the depth measurements to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

Light Weight Rings

Also called low profile rings, these generally have a 1.3mm depth. They are the thinnest among rings, which is good in two ways; first, a platinum ring of this size would be affordable, and secondly, it is more comfortable to wear. Choosing this weight level is a good way to offset costs from needing, say, a wider men’s band.

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