Identifying an Old European Cut Diamond for a Ring

This diamond cut popular in the early twentieth century is making a comeback in today’s jewelry fashion. It is different in terms of the cut and other characteristics and this makes it important to identify it first when settling on an old European diamond ring. These diamonds have old cut designs with emphasis on increasing the carat weight than its sparkle.

One of the things that can help you identify an old European diamonds engagement ring is its shape. These diamonds are mostly available in a round shape and contain about 58 facets making it on par with several modern diamond cuts. The open culet is one characteristic feature that makes it bottom appear flat instead of the usual sharp point. Since they are cut by hand, the faceting exhibits some irregularities when viewed closely or under magnification.

When using for an old European diamond ring, you should also look for the symmetry. Old European cut diamonds does not have the symmetry that you find in modern cuts. It has small table size, higher crown height, and large pavilion depth. Together, examining these characteristics will help you identify a genuine old European cut diamond for use in your ring.


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