Natural vs. Genuine Gemstones

Shopping for diamond engagement rings can be an overwhelming and difficult task for many men. This is because most of them are new to the world of jewelry shopping and the abundant selection of diamond rings in different sizes, styles, designs, and colors will surely confuse them. Most men do not even know the difference between genuine and natural diamond rings. If you belong to that category, it is best to take your girlfriend with you when you are shopping for diamond engagement rings.

Natural gemstones are gemstones that occur on the crust of the Earth naturally. The center diamond in most of the natural colored diamond rings will not have undergone any sort of color or clarity enhanced treatments. However, these center stones will be cut into the desired shape to make diamond rings and other jewelry pieces.

On the other hand, genuine gemstones are natural gemstones that have undergone a few treatments. The color and clarity enhancement processed employed is usually to improve the look of these gemstones. This means that most of the center stone of most of the genuine diamond rings have been subjected to a few treatments. You can refer to the GIA grading report of the diamond to know about the treatments that the diamond has undergone.

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