Natural Rose Cut Diamond Ring Buying Guide

Still, only a few customers are aware that antique rose diamond ring cut was originally introduced during the 16th Century. However, the popularity of this diamond ring cut has not yet reduced until now.

The domed top and flat back are the highlighting features of rose cut diamond rings. The number of facets in a natural rose cut diamond ring may vary from 3 to 24. The facets of rose cut diamond engagement rings are said to resemble the petals of a flower.

The ethereal and calm look of these diamond rings makes them an ideal choice for couples who are in search of a unique yet simple ring. however, customers who are planning to buy a natural rose cut diamond ring will have to pay attention to the clarity of the center stone in the ring. In addition to that, they should also observe the diamond ring under a microscope to see whether the ring has any inclusions or flaws in it. If the number of inclusions is greater, then it is best to look for other viable alternatives.

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