Mined Diamonds vs. Cultured Diamonds

Mined Diamonds vs. Cultured Diamonds

Mined Diamond

As the name implies, mined diamonds are stones that have been dug up out of the earth. These diamonds are obviously naturally occurring. Hence, one can also refer to mined diamonds as ‘natural diamonds.’



Cultured Diamond

Diamonds which are created in a lab are called cultured diamonds. These diamonds are also referred to as synthetic diamonds, created diamonds or lab-grown diamonds.

Cultured diamonds are created under the same temperature and pressure conditions that result in the formation of natural diamonds. Thus, they have similar physical, chemical, and optical properties like that of mined diamonds.

The Differences

  • Most mined diamonds have inclusions, while cultured ones do not have any, because flaws can be prevented while manufacturing.
  • Cultured diamonds are cheaper than mined ones of the same quality and size. Therefore, you can consider buying a cultured diamond engagement ring, as these are affordable than the natural ones.


People sometimes mistake cultured diamonds for fake ones. Contrarily, they exhibit the same characteristics as those of natural diamonds and are regarded as genuine diamonds by experts. As long as you have a diamond certification mentioning that a stone is synthetic, you can buy a cultured diamond engagement ring without bothering about much else.

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