Middle Eastern Men’s Jewelry Trends

For one, men are prohibited by religion to wear gold, which means silver ends up being the most common choice. Adornments made of various metals are allowed; only gold is forbidden.

For this reason, jewel smiths in the region are careful not to offer men's gold and diamond rings when someone walks into the shop. Moreover, these are rarely wedding rings, because those lack the kind of special place we award them stateside. Despite wedding rings not being vital to ceremonies though, exchanging them is often considered chic.

When buying a ring for someone from the Middle East, you need to look at the grade and quality of silver to ensure you are getting the real deal, as opposed to a replica. The best manufacturers leave quality imprints, which show the metal is authentic, and sometimes you also get the trader’s trademark imprinted. Not only are material and adornment important, but so are purity and quality. Make sure to pay attention to these things before making a purchase.

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