Micro Pave Ring Choices

Micro Pave Ring Choices

So why not consider micro pave diamond rings?

Such rings are very distinctive and contain smaller stones inlaid into the metal surface, either in the band or the setting. A lot of meticulous and delicate work goes into such a creation, and any mistake can ruin the overall look. When handled rightly though, this kind of ring is simply too good to behold.

Simple Band

For a subtle statement, a simple band is what you should give your fiancée. This would carry a large stone, as well as several small precious stones inlaid within the band. Light-hitting at different angles would cause these stones to showcase their elegance to the full.

Solitaire Complement

Want to throw a solitaire into the mix? This is a good way to have something to take the lion’s share of the attention, while also adding to the larger grace.

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