Lesser-Known Stories and Legends about Sapphire Gemstones

The magnificent sapphire gemstone is often considered as a stone of royalty and wisdom by many. Ancient Romans also regarded sapphire gemstone as the “Gem of Gems”, as it was associated with many sacred practices.

To the medieval and ancient world, this stunning gemstone signified hope and protection. People also believed that wearing sapphire diamond rings and other jewelry that contain sapphire gemstone will bring them good fortune, spiritual insight, and happiness.

It is said that both Abraham and King Solomon used to wear talismans of sapphire. In addition to that, ancient Romans also believed that the 10 Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai were engraved on tiny tablets of sapphire. In fact, Greeks used to wear sapphire diamond band ring in hopes that it would bring them both wisdom and prosperity.

Even today, sapphire gemstones are considered as stones of wisdom, leaning, psychic activation, and mental acuity. Several people even claim that the shine offered by this gemstone brings order to the mind of the wearer and helps them to focus. In short, you can say that there is a lot to buying a sapphire diamond band ring than just old myths and stories.

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