Lesser-Known Facts about Pave Set Diamond Rings

As the name implies, the surface of most pave set diamond rings will be paved with gemstones or diamonds.

Diamond rings that are set in pave setting are an ideal choice for women who are in search of a diamond ring with lots of sparkles. However, pave set diamond engagement rings are also suitable for budget shoppers because these rings are available at a relatively lower price when compared to other diamond rings.


As the individual diamonds or gemstones set in these diamond ring setting are less visible and tiny, their cuts will be a lot simpler. This implies that these stones will be cheaper. Yet the elegantly designed bead-like metal droplets, which hold diamonds together increases the visual effects of the diamond ring, and make them look a lot more attractive.

Most of the pave set diamond engagement rings available in the market do not require special attention or extra care. Pave setting is, in fact, capable of extending the life of the diamond ring, which means that they are ideal for women who lead an active and busy lifestyle.

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