Lesser-Known Facts about Pave Diamond Ring Setting

Lesser-Known Facts about Pave Diamond Ring Setting

Due to this, the surface of most of the pave diamond rings will look like they have been paved with tiny diamonds or other gemstones.

If you are in search of a diamond ring that offers greater sparkle but comes with a low price tag, then a pave diamond eternity ring is one of the best choices available to you. Since the stones in pave diamond rings are less visible and small, they are relatively less expensive when compared to other diamond rings.

The gemstones in pave diamond rings are tightly held together with the help of tiny prongs. These prongs do not get damaged, broken, or bent that easily. This means that engagement rings that come with pave diamond ring setting are ideal for daily wear and tear. In addition to that, these types of diamond rings do not require high maintenance.

Customers who are buying pave diamond rings will have to thoroughly examine the diamonds in the ring and ensure that they are free from damages.

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