Lesser-Known Facts about Emerald Gemstones

Couples who are in the market to buy emerald cut diamond rings will be amazed to hear the myths, legends, and stories about this famous gemstone. The elegant and stunning emerald gemstone carries a rich history, which spans back to approximately 4000 years. This makes emerald one of the most popular gemstones in the world.

The color of most of the emerald gemstone is green. Green is the most calming color in the color wheel, which makes emerald cut diamond rings a suitable gift for your loved ones.

Customers choose emerald cut diamond eternity ring over other viable diamond ring alternatives because they believe that wearing rings with emerald gemstones will make their relationship even stronger. In fact, several people believe that emerald gemstones encourage balance, peace, reflection, and growth, while others claim that they represent fertility and healing.

Ancient Indians believed that emerald gemstones symbolize a mature form of love between couples. Couples who faced problems bearing children and women who feared difficult birth also settled for rings with emerald because they believed that emerald gemstones might help them. Interestingly, this is not a story of the past – people still believe that emerald stones have impressive healing properties.

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