Lesser Known Facts about Antique Diamond Cocktail Rings

What makes antique diamond rings unique is that they have the ability to attract attention with their unique colors and size.

These rings become immensely popular during the 1940’s and they were usually worn at cocktail parties. Thus, they were eventually called as cocktail diamond rings. Today, women wear cocktail diamond rings to all sorts of events and some couples even prefer to wear them on informal occasions too.

Manufacturers usually use cheaper materials to make cocktail rings, which mean that they are available at a lower price. However, it is significant to note that cocktail rings with diamond and the ones that are made with other gemstones are pricey and extremely rare.

It is crucial to note that cocktail engagement and wedding rings might not be a good choice for individuals who are allergic to nickel because most of these rings are made by using low-karat gold. Another issue with these rings is that their coating wears out at a rapid pace.

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