Latest Diamond Ring Designs That Offer a Traditional Flair

Latest Diamond Ring Designs That Offer a Traditional Flair

This is because of the fact that the classic elegance and appeal offered by a traditional diamond ring is inimitable. Below are some of the latest diamond ring designs that display a traditional flair.



Floral Diamond Ring

Just like the traditional diamond ring trends, a floral diamond ring is one of the most popular options when it comes to hottest diamond ring designs. In this design, a small diamond at the center of a ring is encircled with a halo of pear shaped diamonds. Here, the gemstones are secured using a bezel setting in such a way that it replicates a beautiful flower.

Baguette Diamond Ring

Baguettes are one of the timeless gemstone options that are in vogue from an ancient period. The stone that features deep cuts and large facets are ideal to display a mirror-like reflection rather than brilliance. Usually, baguettes will be channel-set on a diamond ring band.

Halo Diamond Ring

The halo setting is the most popular diamond ring setting options so far. The use of the halo setting in a diamond engagement ring is dated back to several centuries. In this setting, a center diamond will be surrounded by a layer of melee diamonds. Here, the gemstones will be secured by means of either a prong setting or a bezel setting.

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