Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings Under $5,000

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings Under $5,000

The Best Lab Grown Diamond Rings Under $5000

Buying diamond engagement rings under $5000 used to require serious trade-offs. You could afford a one-carat diamond or a beautiful diamond or a nice setting but never all of those things.

Today, we’re here to tell you that has finally changed! That’s thanks to diamonds that are grown in a lab. Lab grown diamonds are much more affordable than diamonds mined from the Earth. Even with a strict $3000 engagement ring budget, you can afford a big beautiful lab created diamond engagement ring that’s beautifully crafted just for you at RockHer.

The best thing? No one will know your diamond is lab-grown unless you tell them. Lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in every way except origin and price.

At RockHer, we use our diamond expertise to find you lab diamonds that are beautifully cut, certified for quality, and set into gorgeous made-to-order engagement rings. We have more than 25,000 lab-grown diamonds to choose from, so you are able to buy a great diamond at a great value.

Here are proven strategies for smart engagement ring shopping on a budget that will help in buying a lab grown diamond engagement ring for $3000, $4000 or $5000 without sacrificing size, quality or style.

Buying Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings Under $5000

According to The Knot, the cost of an average engagement ring was $6,000 in 2021. You don’t have to spend that much to get a spectacular ring you’ll love forever. You might be surprised to find out just how much gorgeousness is available for less than $5000. To create a gorgeous engagement ring under $5000, pick the setting you want and search for a loose stone that fits into your remaining budget.

You’ll be surprised how large a lab diamond you can afford! If you choose a classic solitaire setting like the Elettra six-prong solitaire setting in 14K gold you’ll still have more than $4000 for your center stone. On RockHer, you can find a three-carat emerald cut lab grown diamond fits your budget. Yes, three carats! When set into a solitaire that RockHer will craft to fit you and your diamond perfectly, you’ll have a sophisticated engagement ring with a drop-dead lab grown diamond for less than $5000. Love oval shape diamonds? You can also choose a three carat oval diamond for less than $4000. How much would a three-carat mined diamond cost in comparison? At least $25,000!

You can afford a fine quality two-carat diamond in your favorite shape with a stylish solitaire, pave band or halo setting. There’s even room in your budget for a more elaborate setting or a platinum setting with a two-carat lab grown diamond.

If you love the style of a vintage engagement ring, you can set a two-carat round lab-grown diamond for $2500 and set it in the delicate Helena engagement ring with a scrollwork gallery, round side diamonds and hand-engraved details for $2100. That’s around $4600 for the vintage engagement ring style of your dreams.

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Buying Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings Under $4000

To fit an engagement ring budget of $4000, choose a two-carat lab-grown diamond in a simple setting or a one-carat lab created diamond in a more elaborate design with lots of accent diamonds.

For example, a round diamond, a two-carat round lab-created diamond is available for about $2500. Combine it with the stylish Elliot Hidden Halo engagement ring setting for $1434 and you have a stunning lab-grown diamond engagement ring for around $4000.

If you love the look of a halo and how it highlights your center stone, choose the Taylor Halo Engagement Ring and a round brilliant lab diamond that’s slightly less than two carats for a stunning engagement ring under $4000 that looks much more expensive.

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Buying Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings Under $3000

With one-carat lab grown diamonds priced around $1000, you can create a beautiful custom lab-grown engagement ring for a budget of less than $3000 too. And with a one carat center stone, you’ll be proud to show it off on Instagram.

A one carat princess cut lab grown diamond with exceptional quality is about $1300. The Norah pave band engagement ring setting is about $1300 in 14K gold. Combine them for a beautiful lab-created engagement ring for $2600.

Choose a one carat round lab grown diamond for about $1000 and select the breathtaking Annie engagement ring with a ribbon twist French pave halo setting for about $3000 for an unforgettable lab diamond engagement ring that stands out from the crowd with a designer look.

If you have your heart set on a two-carat size lab grown diamond engagement ring for $3000, look for a lab-grown diamond that’s a little bit less than two carats in weight. When you “buy shy,” you’ll save enough to afford a diamond that looks like a two-carat size but fits your $3000 budget in a simple solitaire ring setting.

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