Interesting Myths Behind Jewelry

Interesting Myths Behind Jewelry

There are many myths surrounding diamonds originating from many cultures; some of these still have a population that believe them. The following is a list of a few of the more interesting mythos surrounding fine materials.

Solitaire Jewelry

Solitaire jewelry is universally desired, and it is not hard to see why. Back in the day, wearing diamond jewelry was also considered good for your health. Sometimes rings were gifted outside of marriage as a generous gift, around the Holidays for example. A chocolate diamond solitaire ring, for instance, could boost your aura and surround you with positive energy.

Gold and Silver

Myths in several cultures advise wearing gold jewelry on your upper body, while silver was apparently better suited to the lower part. The latter was believed to be able to attract energy from the earth, while gold complemented the body’s aura and drew in positivity from the surroundings.


The ancient Chinese made heavy use of acupuncture which has always been a means of removing pain from the body through targeted treatment. Earrings were believed to ease the process by stimulating nerve endings on the lower part of the ear, and consequently raising the person’s immunity and responsiveness to treatment.


The Indian woman’s proclamation to the world that she is married to someone, the mangalsutra, was supposed to signify the bond she shared with her husband. Many believed it could also boost blood circulation and immunity.

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