Important Aspects of a Solitaire Diamond Ring

There are many things, which you must consider while choosing this kind of diamond engagement ring.

Since the ring features a single gemstone, it ought to be unique and special. So, the first thing you have to consider is the carat weight of the gemstone. If you want a sparkling ring, it is better to choose a diamond of at least 1.5 carat or above. Similarly, always make sure to choose a simple or thinner band for your diamond engagement ring in order to accentuate the diamond better.

Another important aspect in a solitaire diamond ring is the settings that are used to hold the gemstone. Along with the security, the setting also plays a major role in the overall look of the diamond engagement ring. Usually, a traditional four-prong setting is used to hold the gemstone in this kind of rings so that it sparkles to the fullest. You can also use a bezel setting in order to add a modern touch to the ring or to complement your active lifestyle.

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