Ideas to Design Cheap Diamond Eternity Rings

Ideas to Design Cheap Diamond Eternity Rings

Most people believe in gifting an eternity diamond ring to their better half as a token of their love and commitment. The designs of eternity rings are usually simple since women prefer to wear their diamond eternity ring along with their wedding or engagement rings. Note that the most commonly used design for an eternity ring features a platinum band entirely embellished with melee diamonds. However, this type of designs will be really expensive.

Thankfully, you can buy cheap diamond eternity rings by choosing the design and setting carefully. With reference to that, half eternity diamond rings will be way too cheaper when compared to the full eternity rings. In the former option, the gemstones will be paved up to the half only; that is, up to the visible area. Similarly, choose settings that involve less metal mounting such as a prong, bar, etc., rather than a channel or bezel.

Another option to buy cheap diamond eternity rings is by considering diamonds of asymmetrical size and shape. This will make your band look full even if it features only three or four stones.

Be attentive while choosing the metal to design your ring as well. Note that even though platinum is the best, it is better to go for gold so that you can cut the cost better. This will not affect much on the quality of your ring since gold is also a durable choice.

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