Ideas for Tension Diamond Ring Designs

It gives the illusion that the center diamond is floating. If you are looking for some awesome tension diamond ring designs, the following are some design ideas you can try.



Classic Beauty: In this design, a classic round brilliant is tension set between a plain metal band of any color.

Omega Band: Here, elevated tension prongs are used and the band is of omega type rather than a circular shape.

Twisted Design: In this design, a bypass or twisted band holds the center diamond along the sides instead of edges.

Filigree Details: Even though a tension set ring in its simplest style looks elegant, adding filigree designs to it will make it look more adorable.

Combination Settings: In this style, one side of the diamond is held with prong, while the other side by metal prongs.

Multiple Stone Style: Here, more than one stone is tension set using twisted band style. Note that this setting is not just for round diamonds; it can be used for other diamond shapes too.

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