How to Shop for Diamond Marquise Engagement Rings?

How to Shop for Diamond Marquise Engagement Rings?

Marquise gemstones boast a royal pedigree, and hence, it will be the perfect choice for your queen.

Marquise diamond rings were all in glory during the 1970s, but it went out of vogue with the introduction of brilliant princess cut diamond rings. Yet marquise-cut diamonds have been regaining popularity in recent times. In fact, most modern brides love to flaunt this type of rings as it offers an elongated and slender appeal for their fingers.

There are certain points that you must consider while shopping for diamond marquise engagement rings if you want to get a maximum worth for your bucks. The first important point to note is the thickness of the girdle. Note that girdle works as the setting edge of your diamond ring. Hence, choose a ring that offers a decent girdle thickness in order to avoid the risk of any external damages.

Another major thing to consider when it comes to marquise diamonds is their Length to Width ratio. This will directly affect the appeal of the gemstone; the average Length to Width ratio for marquise cut stones is 2:1.

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