How to Price a Diamond Ring?

How to Price a Diamond Ring?

One can get a better price for a diamond ring price by strategic planning, such as choosing diamond ring settings like halo, cluster, pave, etc.




Similarly, choosing metal settings that require the least amount of metal covering, such as prong setting, tension setting, etc., would be better. Still, the overall diamond ring cost may differ from many other factors. In case you are wondering how to price a diamond ring, there are many factors that are taken into account here.

The first thing is obviously the gemstones used in a ring. The price determiner, in this case, is its cut quality, carat weight, color intensity, and clarity grade. Note that it is not a good decision to compromise on the cut quality of the stone in order to trim down its cost since it directly affects the shine of the diamond. Yet when it comes to the carat weight, it depends on your budget.

Furthermore, when it comes to the color and clarity grade, you need to choose something visually flawless and colorless. Note that the metal choice and design also play a major role in the overall price of a ring. For instance, a platinum diamond ring will be more expensive when compared to gold or silver diamond ring. Likewise, the diamonds with intricate designs and metalwork will be costlier when compared to their simpler counterparts.

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