How to Identify Different Diamond Ring Cuts

Some diamond rings cuts have the ability to reflect more light to the observer’s eye while other cuts bring more appeal and shine to rings. Therefore, choosing the diamond engagement ring cut is of significant importance. However, some customers might not even be able to tell the difference between two diamond ring cuts.

The round diamond ring cut, which is one of the most popular cut, is pretty easy to recognize. This is because this cut has about 57 or 58 facets and it is readily available in most diamond stores. Likewise, the distinct oval shape of oval cut also allows customers to easily identify this diamond engagement ring cut. Since the length to width ratio of oval diamond cut is less, it might look pretty similar to the round diamond cut.

The oval profile and two sharp edges of marquise diamond cut also make it easily recognizable. Diamond pear cut comes with a similar shape but it has a single sharp end. The shape of heart diamond cut is also similar to that of a pear cut but the former contains a cleft on the opposite side of the sharp end.

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