How to Clean a Gold Diamond Ring at Your Home?

If you are contemplating with how to clean a gold diamond ring, below are some details on that.

How to Clean a Gold Diamond Ring

While choosing a cleaning solution for a gold diamond ring, always give priority to the gold metal, as diamond is the hardest mineral and will not get damaged easily. You can make a cleaning solution right at you home as well. For this, all you will need is a mild liquid soap, warm water, ammonia, and a soft-bristled brush.


  • Mix the liquid detergent and warm water well, and immerse your in the solution
  • Add a few drops of ammonia into this and let it be for around 30 minutes
  • After half an hour, take out the ring and rub it gently with a soft-bristled brush; make sure to rub off all the ammonia from the ring.
  • Rinse your diamond engagement ring with lukewarm water followed by cold water
  • Finally, air dry or blow dry your ring and keep it safe.
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