How to Choose Settings for your Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Pear shaped diamond engagement rings are one of the best and unique options for your special day. However, you have to take care while choosing your engagement ring settings in order to secure your diamonds well. For this, take care of the things that are listed below.

Setting Styles

Even though the pear shaped diamond rings look spectacular in any settings, there is some exquisite style that will make your diamond pop. One such setting is the classic solitaire setting. Here, all the attraction will be drawn directly towards the stunning diamond at the centre.

You can also beautify your engagement rings by using some subtle side stones like trillion cut stones or baguettes.

Pear Diamond Bezels

Another beautiful setting option for your pear shaped diamond engagement rings is a bezel setting. Here, your elegant diamond will be encircled with a metal, which makes it look so delicate. This setting is usually used when your ring has a solitaire or a halo.


Prongs are essential to keep your diamonds and accent stones in place. This will also help to increase the fire and brilliance of your diamonds as they leave plenty of spaces for your diamonds to shine.

Usually, a pear shaped diamond is secured using 6 prongs. Additionally, you can use an extra v-prong on the tip to save your diamond from losing its shape over time.

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