How to Choose Different Cut Diamond Rings

How to Choose Different Cut Diamond Rings

The vast collection and variety of diamonds may make it an overwhelming task for you to choose the perfect one. In order to tackle this, it is better to choose a stone that features an excellent cut.

The cut of the diamond directly affects the brilliance and overall appeal of the stone, in turn making your ring more alluring. If you are wondering how to pick an option from different cut diamond rings, below are some simple tips you can follow for that.

The cut of a diamond is usually classified into Poor, Fair, Very Good, and Excellent. However, these grades may differ from different retailers. Hence, it is recommended to thoroughly check the cut quality of your stone by yourself rather than just blindly trusting the grade report. Plus, check the culet size, girdles, polish, symmetry, etc., of the cut too when buying a diamond.

Note that many retailers tend to display their own diamond cut grading report instead of the GIA certification. So, make sure that the grading report that you are checking is the one accredited by GIA only. The round brilliant cut and the princess cut are the most popular options today.

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