How Do you Know if a Ring Has Real Diamonds?

How Do you Know if a Ring Has Real Diamonds?

So, how do you know if a ring has real diamonds? Read the guide below and test the diamond as mentioned.




Read Through Test

If the diamond is un-mounted or loosely mounted, turn it upside down on a printed paper. Now check whether you can read the text through the stone. If not, it will be a real diamond.

Fog Test

Diamonds are good conductors of heat. To test this, try breathing on the stone. If the fog disperses immediately it is a real diamond. On the other hand, a fake diamond will remain foggy for a few seconds longer.

Magnification Test

You can perform this test provided that you can access a jeweler’s microscope or loupe. Look at the stone through a microscope and see the number of facet lines. If there is only a single facet line for each, then it is a real diamond. Two lines mean it is a fake one.

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