How Diamond Depth Affects Shine and Color?

How Diamond Depth Affects Shine and Color?

You would notice two separate measurements under this on the grading report of your large diamond engagement ring; the first one gives the actual depth in millimeters, while the other is a percentage value. The depth percentage is a heavy influencer in the value of a stone.



The farther the depth proportions stray from the optimal, the more dramatically it affects the shine of the stone. Generally, if you have something between 57% and 66%, that is seen as poor for a round brilliant cut.

This varies with each cut; for instance, a princess cut stone can have a depth percentage between 75% and 77%, and it would be very attractive. The same on a round brilliant diamond would yield far inferior results.

On the industry-wide level, there is no commonly agreed-upon ideal depth for the round brilliant cut. While some say the 58% to 60% range can deliver the best possible, others think the 62.9% to 59.5% range is a far better bet. There are vendors that try to mislead customers in this regard, using a much wider bracket and effectively hedging their own bets.

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