Handling an Engagement Ring Failure

Handling an Engagement Ring Failure

Below are a few ways to move forward if you think you have made a blunder with your two diamond ring.

The Size is Off

This is probably because you did not go to a professional jeweler. There is nothing to be done except get it resized, which will cost you. Moreover, it is only possible to scale down and not up, unless you are willing to mar the beauty of the design.

The Stone is Ugly

There is no point in sugar coating it – your diamond or gemstone does not look as good as it did at first. In this case, you can get it replaced with something you like that is in the same cut, and again, it will cost you. This time, ask for the jeweler’s advice before settling on something. Incidentally, solitaires are the easiest to swap.

The Metal Does Not Suit your Finger

This does not leave any options other than getting a new ring. Avoid this scenario by thoroughly researching the diamond-studded ring you are going to buy, and putting it on at least once to see how it looks on your finger. You will probably wear the ring for life, so do not be hasty when picking it out.

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