Gold vs. Platinum Diamond Rings

Customers shopping for gold or platinum diamond rings for the first time in their lives may find it hard to decide which of the two would best suit their loved one. If you get to that point, you should consider comparing the durability, cost, appearance, and other factors of platinum and gold diamonds ring.

Color is one of the major distinguishing factors of gold and platinum diamond rings. The color of most platinum diamond rings is white, while that of gold is yellow. If your loved prefers the latter, you should choose gold diamond rings instead of platinum. If she doesn’t have any specific color preferences, you can get her any one of these rings. Make sure that your choice goes well with her skin tone.

It is true that the price per gram of platinum and gold is almost the same. Since platinum is denser, jewelers are forced to use more of the metal while designing diamond rings. This has in turn dramatically increased the price of platinum diamond rings.

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