Give Her the Best Anniversary Gift this Year

The Necklace Tradition

Gifting necklaces, especially in ancient cultures, was seen as a statement of love. It is said that the Romans even gifted necklaces in the place of diamond engagement rings sometimes. The diamond pendant, aside from being a beautiful gift, also carries history and meaning.

When you give your wife a diamond necklace, it lets her widen her jewelry set. If last year’s gift was diamond earrings, then this year, go with the pendant.

Upgrading an Engagement Ring

The diamond ring is a standard for engagements and weddings, although your choice of ring may have left something to be desired. As an anniversary gift, you can upgrade the size of the stone on the engagement or wedding band. Going for custom diamond rings is also a good option. You can also have a custom-made necklace with the same diamond.

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