Getting a Half Carat Diamond

For someone looking to buy a half carat diamond ring, getting the right price can turn out to be something of a tall order. The price of diamonds can vary greatly, and the same applies to half carat diamonds as well. You need to know about the gem you are buying, and we are here to help with that.

How Big is it Exactly?

The carat weight is not a good measure of the size of a diamond, because the latter has more to do with the shape of the stone and the way it has cut. Generally, a half carat diamond would be bigger than a grain of rice.

Is it Big enough for an Engagement Ring?

Yes. Come to think of it, a half carat diamond is about perfect for a ring – not too big or too small. This is why a large number of engagement rings sport half carat diamonds. Half carats are also good for earrings, with a pair making a whole carat.

Is it Worth Half of What a One Carat Diamond Would Cost?

No, and in fact it is cheaper. That is because bigger diamonds are a lot harder to find and mine.

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