Gents Diamond Ring Designs

Gents Diamond Ring Designs

In order to complement their masculine personality and busy lifestyle, gents diamond ring designs will be usually simple and subtle. Below are two of the best options that you may consider for your man.



Classic Solitaire Ring

When it comes to diamond rings for men, the diamond ring band of the solitaire ring will be really wide. In fact, it tends to narrow a bit toward the center of the ring. Hence, it will not easily bend or break even if they indulge in strenuous activities. Additionally, the center diamond will be of medium size and it will be usually set using a prong or a bezel setting.

Channel Set Diamond Ring

This is an ideal option for all the men out there who prefer a low-key appeal for their diamond ring, yet they want it to display a beautiful shine. Here, the diamonds are set into a channel made on the diamond ring band. As the diamonds sit flush into the band, the diamond displayed by such rings will be amazing yet gentle. Besides, since there are no prongs in this type of setting, they can do their chores without the disadvantage of the metal claws clinging on their clothes or other fabrics.

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