Fundamentals of Diamond Ring Mounts

Fundamentals of Diamond Ring Mounts

It ought to be really outstanding as well since it holds the center stone that represents the eternal love and commitment between a couple.




What are Diamond Ring Mounts?

Diamond ring mounts are actually the technical term for the settings of a diamond ring. It mainly entails the head as well as the shoulder or the main gemstone and its adjacent details in a diamond engagement ring. A gemstone cannot be attached to the ring without the help of a mounting. So, if you want to highlight to precious gemstone to the fullest, you must be critical about choosing even the simplest diamond ring mountings carefully.

An attachment point is one of the major characteristics of diamond ring mounts. Having said that, prong settings is the most frequently used attachment points in diamond rings. Other than this, some people choose bezel setting as well to offer a unique and stylish appeal to their diamond engagement ring. The only thing that you must consider here is the ability of the settings to protect the gemstone.

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