From Where Do Vintage Art Deco Diamond Rings Get its Style Quotient?

An understanding of this influential period in jewelry designing will help you find an engagement ring that complements your bride’s style quotient.

Art Deco really started in 20th Century France, following the Art Nouveau architectural design movement. It is no wonder that when one thinks of French architecture – the style, vintage feel, and extravagance, all spring to the mind. These attributes also exemplify the period and represent the culture to have influenced the Art Deco design during that time. A vintage Art Deco jewelry is still bold and overstated with stylish geometry, elegant curvaceous lines, and use of color.

Art Deco wedding bands are usually based on extravagant patterns. Designs of vintage Art Deco diamond rings will comprise of fine geometric patterns, which often comprises of bold linear lines with emerald and princess cut center stone usually paired or encircled with tinier baguette set accent diamonds. These linear patterns in the Art Deco diamond rings can also be paired with softer curved patterns, which resemble a vivacious floral effect.

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