Freshwater Pearls vs. Saltwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls vs. Saltwater Pearls

Pearls are loved pretty much everyone; these beautiful stones come in necklaces, bracelets, and brooches, but pearl and diamond gold rings top the list. Pearl is actually obtained from any of the two water sources, freshwater or saltwater. According to the origin, these stones have different characteristics as explained below.

Luster: Freshwater pearls are less lustrous, and are not as glossy as saltwater pearls.

Nacre: Freshwater pearls are made almost fully of nacre, while the saltwater ones have a thin nacre coating.

Shape and Color: Saltwater pearls are usually round shaped, whereas freshwater pearls come in many shapes and colors.

Size: Freshwater pearls are formed in less than two years, and hence, are smaller in size and inferior in shape when compared to saltwater ones.

Price: Quite surprisingly, freshwater pearls are abundant in nature, and so, are considerably cheaper than their saltwater counterparts are.

If you are planning to buy a pearl and diamond gold ring, you can choose freshwater pearls for more durability. Yet for a round shape and lustrous pearl ring, you can go for a saltwater pearl. In case you find freshwater pearls cultivated using modern techniques, you might be able get a round pearl with luster as good as the saltwater ones.

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