Five Popular Diamond Ring Settings

Given below are five of the most common and popular settings you can consider.

Prong settings: This classic and popular setting consists of two or more prongs that secure the stone by wrapping around the crown of stone.

Shared prong settings: These diamonds ring settings are similar to the prong settings except that it minimizes the presence of metal and allows more light to enter the stone.

Channel settings: In-channel set diamond rings, the diamonds or other gemstones are held in place between metal walls. Here, the stones are placed side by side without any metal in between.

Pave settings: Here, the diamonds are set low and close to each other using tiny beads. The surface of a pave set diamond ring will look encrusted with stones for a great brilliance.

Bezel settings: It is so far the best settings for diamond rings when it comes to the safety of the stone. Here, a metal band surrounds the entire centerpiece along its edges.

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