Few Facts about Diamond Engagement Ring History

Even though most couples see this practice as just a part of the marriage tradition, there is a lot more to it.

You will hear a lot of stories about diamond engagement ring history from jewelers and diamond ring collectors. For instance, it is said that cavemen used to tie braided grass to their mates’ ankles in order to capture their spirit, whereas the ancient Egyptians used to wear engagement rings on the third finger of their hand because they believed that this finger was directly linked to the heart. If you dug deeper into the history of the diamond engagement ring, you will find more and more such astonishing stories.

It is believed that diamonds actually become a part of diamond engagement ring history during the late 14th Century. The first diamond engagement ring was made by the Archduke Maximillian of Austria for Mary of Burgundy, who was his soon-to-be bride. Soon, this went on to become a trending tradition, and men of high ranks started to gift diamond rings to their betrothed. Gradually, the trend evolved into a much wider scope that everyone knows of today.

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