Feminine Designs for Diamond Rings with Sapphire Side Stones

Feminine Designs for Diamond Rings with Sapphire Side Stones

In fact, most of the ancient diamond engagement rings featured sapphire stones and diamonds on it.

The main reason for the success and popularity of sapphire diamond rings is its alluring color combination. Some of the beautiful designs in diamond rings with sapphire side stones are given below. These are suitable for all kinds of brides out there.

Butterfly Diamond Ring

This is one of the most feminine diamond ring designs. Here, a sapphire stone of decent carat weight will be flaunted at the center of a platinum band. In addition, the center stone will be bordered with two marquise diamonds of varying sizes in a single row on each side. This will create an illusion of a beautiful blue butterfly with sparkling wings.

Floral Diamond Ring

It is obvious that there will be leaves, vines, and flower designs in flora diamond rings. In one of such unique designs, the beautiful yellow sapphire stone is placed at the center of an antique gold band. Additionally, the entire ring is beautified by giving a vine and bud pattern along with a number of tiny diamond embellishments.

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