Factors to Consider While Buying Faux Diamond Engagement Rings

Buyers give due consideration to the material these simulated diamonds are made up of, but another important factor to take into account is its size.

The bigger the gemstone, the easier it will be for people to take notice that it is an imitation diamond. In addition, with bigger stones, there is a chance for scratches to be rather more visible. To the contrary, diamonds are almost scratchproof due to its hardness to natural minerals. Still, if you go for faux diamond engagement rings made of white sapphire, it is worth considering since the gemstone is almost as hard as a diamond.

While a diamond gets a perfect 10 rating on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, white sapphire is not all that far behind either and stands at 9.5. Therefore, it is considered durable and scratch resistant among the faux diamond materials. Its lack of color and crystalline structure character make it look a lot like natural diamonds.

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