Fascinating Facts about Opal Diamonds

Fascinating Facts about Opal Diamonds

Even though the real origin story of opal diamond rings is not as dramatic as the myth, it is still something you should know when purchasing a diamond opal engagement ring.

Customers who are in the market to buy opal diamond rings will be surprised to hear the myths, legends, and fairytales related to this diamond ring. Several rulers wore opal diamond rings and other jewelry pieces made of opal to protect them from evil and to preserve their eyesight.

Moreover, some people also ate the dust of opal to banish their nightmares. You might also be a little bit surprised to hear that several men considered opals as supernatural substances. Even the famous Scottish historical novelist, Sir Walter Scott, used an opal as a plot device in one of his 19th Century novels.

The rare beauty and increasing scarcity of opal diamond rings have made them one of the most favored diamond wedding and engagement choice of several brides. These diamond rings also have a prominent place in the wish list of several famous gem collectors.

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