Fascinating Facts about Brilliant Diamond Cut

Diamond cutters cut and polish the table and girdle of rough diamonds in the most effective way to improve the brilliance, scintillation, and fire of the stone.

Round brilliant diamonds are one of the most popular types of brilliant cut diamonds. The exceptional beauty of round brilliant cut has urged several brides to choose diamond rings featuring this cut. Most of the round brilliant diamonds available in the market have 57 facets and these gemstones are one of the best choices available to women who are looking for a traditional diamond engagement ring with timeless design.

The famous oval diamond cut is actually a modified version of the brilliant diamond cut. The oval diamond cut was initially created by Lazare Kaplan in the year 1960. An oval-shaped diamond engagement ring combines the brilliance of a round diamond cut with a unique twist. Moreover, an oval diamond cut gives an illusion of bigger gemstone to viewers once the ring is placed within the setting.

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