Fascinating Diamond Ring Traditions from All over the World

In fact, some couples may even try to incorporate some of the ideas into their own engagement and wedding. Below are a few fascinating traditions from different parts of the world.


Diamond Engagement Ring Traditions

Brides in India, Norway, Germany, and Russia follow a practice of wearing their diamond engagement ring on the ring finger of their right hand instead of wearing it on the left. This diamond ring tradition recently gained popularity in Canada, France, England, and a few more European countries.

Both men and women exchange engagement rings in Chile and they usually wear it on the ring finger of their right hand. However, after getting married, they will move the engagement ring to their left finger. In Argentina, couples exchanges ring only during the engagement ceremony and not at the wedding.

In traditional Indian and Hindu cultures, women wear ‘Bichiya’ or toe rings made of silver instead of finger rings. Similarly, Native American tribes also prefer silver rings that are decorated with natural materials or semi-precious stones.

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